Some activities (win.get_element) does not work after Designer restart

OpenRPA version: 1.4.46
OpenFlow version: offline
Using or self hosted openflow: offline
Error message: # Failed locating 1 item(s)
Screenshot or video: to simple
Attach a simple workflow from OpenRPA or NodeRED that reproduces the error/issue:
justFileName.json (27.7 KB)

Simple case scenario:
a. FF (even empty page) with open “File Open” window
b. Win.Get_Element “File Name” created by “selector”-> “select menu” → point inside field
c. Assign “aaa” value to the item.value
d. Use “highlight” to check “selector” → ok
e. Save workflow (justFileName)
f. Run workflow → ok
g. Close Designer
h. Open Designer again
i. Run workflow → # Failed locating 1 item(s) on the win.get_element in my environment 100/100
j. “highlight” also does not work
k. Open “selector” and save it for compare
l. Use “select menu” and point “file name” field again
m. save second selector for compare
n. click ok. for “selector” refresh
o. use “highlight” → ok
p. save workflow
r. run workflow → ok.

up to next Designer restart…

Comparison of the selectors does not shows any difference (screen - sorry cannot upload 174kB, permanent error).
Did not find any “dynamic” parts of the selectors.

What I am doing wrong? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Kind regards,

Hi Everybody,

Am I the only one, who noticed such behaviour?
Poor me… :\

Kind regards,

on settings → recorder plugins → windows … try disabling caching and see if that makes any difference

Hi Allan,

I disabled caching for recorder, opened the workflow and run with no change of behaviour → “Failed locating 1 item(s)”
I “refreshed” the win.get_element by “select” (rarely use “recorder”) and activity started to work.

Saved it, closed Designer and opened again → activity needs to be “refreshed”…

Kind regards,

If the selector is the same between tries, then i have no idea what is wrong of it’s not caching … sorry

Hi Allan,

Pity me… :wink:

It turned out once again, that I am talented tester… :wink:
It is strange, I am working on the stable, corporate OS, with no mods and bells or whistles.

But as I said, I am talented and unconsciously did some nuance which resulted in nuisance… :wink:

Kind regards,

Hi Allan,

As far as I was able to try different functionalities, the issue is related to the:


nm.get_element, image.get_element are much more stable.
I have not used other get_* (office?) so far.

Kind regards,

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