Software Languages That used in OpenRPA

Just for curiosity can anyone give me information how does openRPA has been built? like the technologies used on developing it? Like .Net, Selenium, Chromedriver or anything else? Is there any documentation on System architecture?

There is no overview like the one you are asking for.
There is a little about the plugin model here.
OpenRPA was built to be an “empty shell” and then all the rpa technologie is added as plugins ( turns out that was not feasible, so Windows automation is mandatory and always there, the rest is all plugins. Windows automation is built using FlaUI a UI testing framework )

Each plugin, then uses different technologies, the answer to your question.
you can open the project file under each plugin to see what it’s using.
You ask specifically for NM, this is short for NativeMessaging, the chrome protocol used by plugins that needs to talk to an external process. This is how OpenRPA does it, there is a chrome extension and OpenRPA talks to that extension using NativeMessaging.

If you want to use selenium, puppeteer, beautifulsoup or any other browser testing framework, you can do that using agents, and write it in python, dotnet or nodejs.

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