Simplest possible solution for client who only runs worflows

Hi, is there a way for a client to invoke an automation without having OpenRPA run in the background?
I expected the Desktop Assistant (assumption based on UiPath) to do this but as far as I know, it only supports Agents which can’t be created from a “classic” OpenRPA workflow.
Not that there is something wrong with having the app open, I just think that it might confuse some users since all they’ll ever use is just the play button…

Thank you in advance for any responses!

No, the closest thing to that, is HD robots
But this does not work the same way as uipath’s version of hd robot. With openrpa, the service keeps one or more sessions a live, and keep the robot running inside those sessions. When it logs on the users, it does so using RDP, so if you run this on a desktop pc, the screen will be locked and you cannot see what is going on ( it was really designed for RD servers for running pools of robots). That is why most peope running hd robots, also use remotely or anydesk to access the robots while they are running.

Assistent as you points out, is designed for the user to start (or run at logon), the “hd robot” equiliant of that, is nodeagent this supports running packages in the background. On linux/macos this also supports ensuring a desktop when you need to do RPA, but currently does not support initating a desktop on windows.

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