Should I @name mention other users in my post?

Forum Tagging Guidelines

What is @name mentioning?

@name mentioning is when you type someone’s username with an @ preceding it. Doing this sends a notification to the user. Depending on their settings, it may also send them an email message.

For example, with @Allan_Zimmermann in my text, Allan Zimmermann will be dynamically notified in the community and via email.

Please don’t use this feature excessively

In general, it is considered bad form to @name mention someone not otherwise engaged in the conversation.

Why should I limit how much I @name mention others?

It can be annoying

  • Active people who were being frequently mentioned in topics were first to request that this practice be minimized. Some people may not mind being mentioned, but we’d still like to limit the number of notifications these folks get.
  • @name mentioning a user will often send them an email. Abuse of this feature can fill up someone’s email inbox.
  • Some community members feel that too much unsolicited pinging discourages them from participating in the long-run. It can be overwhelming to be on the hook to reply to any and all follow-up.

It is often unnecessary

  • Active users often get notifications of new posts and watch the site regularly anyway.
  • Posting to the best category with a descriptive title will usually get your topic more attention than mentioning specific users.
  • In general, this community prefers to keep discussions focused on ideas and not individual users. If you do not feel your post has received the attention you’d like, we encourage you to reformulate it rather than call in specific people.

Can I ever @name mention other users?

Yes! We just ask you to use it thoughtfully and sparingly. Some good uses of @name mentioning:

  • To clarify who you are responding to, in a conversation that has multiple participants
  • To give credit to someone from whom you learned the information you are passing on
  • In rare cases, to draw a specific person’s attention if they truly are the only human being in the world who could address a point in the discussion

The Purpose of this Forum

This forum is a community-driven platform dedicated to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and exchanging ideas. It’s a place where individuals come together to help one another and contribute to a thriving community.

Proper Use of @name Mentioning

When using @name mentions in your posts, it’s essential to consider the ethos of this forum. Tagging someone in your initial post can convey that you specifically expect them to respond. However, overusing this feature can have unintended consequences:

Fostering a Supportive Environment

  • We encourage members to engage with one another in a spirit of helpfulness and camaraderie. Tagging individuals excessively may inadvertently discourage other members from participating in discussions.
  • Remember, this is a volunteer community, and no one is compensated for their contributions. Asking for assistance politely and without expectations of immediate replies ensures a positive atmosphere.

Respect for All Members

  • It’s important to treat every member of this forum with respect and consideration. Overuse of @name mentions can make those tagged feel like they are solely here for free support, which is not the intent of this community.

Seeking Additional Support

If receiving prompt replies is a priority for you, you have the option to explore support services offered by both our partners and OpenIA directly. These services can provide tailored assistance when needed.

In summary, let’s use this forum as it was intended—to foster a vibrant community, share knowledge, and exchange ideas. Remember that everyone here is a volunteer, so be courteous and patient in your interactions, and you’ll contribute to a positive and thriving community environment.