Sharing bots between users


me and a friend we both develop bots using OpenRPA. We know it is possible to add user and share the bot with the added user. We would like to know if it is possible, and if so, how can we share with an already existing user.

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If you are using it’s going to be a little anying.
There is currently no way to “add” a existing user to your own organisation.

  • one of you enable multi tenancy by clicking the link in the top right corner
  • add a new user, under users
  • now you can share data and projects … i always recommend using roles for setting permissions and not user’s ( but then you need to logout and back in, to force updating roles, when adding a user to a new role. or wait up to 15 minutes for the token to expire )

Self hosted

if using your own open flow.

  • create a role
  • add both users to that role
  • add the role to the projects you want to share.
    and you are done


if you are both using OpenRPA in offline mode
Then you can’t “share” per say, but you can send the workflows or projects to each other. use export/import in the menu to export workflows with images embedded, and you can import them at the other robot.

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