Share you videos og blog post

I am so bad at telling when i create and post a new video or blog post.
Maybe others are the same? In that case we can use this thread to share them

I dont have anything right now, so i want to do a throw out to this guy. I just found hes videos today, i just love what hes able to do with autohotkey ( and openrpa to host it )

Great idea! Lately, I’ve been thinking about conducting a thesis by combining OpenRPA and AI models. While researching, I came across blog posts discussing the end-to-end automation of the Human Resources recruitment process using RPA + AI models. I’m sharing the links below.

If you have any project ideas or if you’ve come across articles or blog posts on the combined use of RPA + AI technologies, I would be very happy if you could share them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am working full time on creating better integration between openflow and llm’s.

  1. I am working on completinf the action integration and gpts (actions) and openflow.
    Allan Zimmermann on LinkedIn: #openai #gpts #openai #openflow #openrpa

  2. 1 is a subset of my work on building a multi agent, multi model framework on top of openflow, that allows using openflow to scale AI and LLMs but also make it more accessible to developrs who dont have time to play prompt engineers. All using open source models of caurse, dont get me wrong, open ai is still the leader and is also supported but i think there is a market for pure, on premise oos versions that actually works, too.