Share Nodered Agent With Another user

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann @yashshah Can we share our nodered Agent with another user. Just like we share our studio project .
If it is possible then help me how can we do it

create a role … add the users to that role
go to enteties → select agents collection → edit the agent and add the role as reader to the agent’s acl
Go to agents, click the agent, and set admin_role to the name of the role you created

@Allan_Zimmermann Thanks it’s working

@Allan_Zimmermann . when i run the flow from 2nd user then getting this error
“# server error: {“error”:”[OpenRPA Bot] Unknown queue getthreadidfromhubspot or access denied, missing read permission on queue object"}" and also i am unable to see my nodered flow in openflow

then you need to add the role to those also
queue’s are in “mq” collection, workflows are in “workflow” collection and workflow forms in “forms” collection

I have give all the persmission check below :-

After doing this i am able to see the Agent in my 2nd user that is openrpa1.
But when i run the flow then am getting error that i share in above post.
If something wrong from my side then help me

read what i wrote again.

Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann

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