set "isagent" to true, it won't turn off

I set “isagent” to true in the settings.json file, then shut down the rpa, reopen it, there will be problems with startup and shutdown

Go to the top menu and select exit application. F4 or close button will minimize to system tray.

Thank you very much for your reply. I mean, I started the script and it was running. At this time, I closed the RPA. When I reopened it, the script was still displayed as running, and it could not be closed or started.

Can’t stop and can’t play, it’s a bug @Allan_Zimmermann

I’ve sometimes seen the state for a workflow does not get update correctly when completed.
Can you please confirm that the workflow starts if you restart openrpa by looking in the “loggin” tab ? if not, then simply delete the .db file to re download all workflows so it’s gets a fresh state ( or restart the robot with isagent: false I’m pretty sure the stop button when the designer is open can handle the invalid state ) I will see if the stop button logic in agent mode is missing a check for invalid states the next time I’m working on openrpa.

Thank you. I’ll delete .db and try it.

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