Server Automation

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann i am trying to automate a window application on a server where it opens up the application and login to that application. The issue is the when i am connected to the server with Rdp connection and run the bot . It runs fine. But when i run the bot and minimize the server window. the bot doesn’t click on ok after writing the value of password and username. Can you explain what can be the issue and how can i resolve this. Or is there a way or property to use simulate click in open rpa where every operation can be performed while the server window is minimized or i am not connected to the server through Rdp and i’ll jus run the bot from the nodered and bot run properly on server.

Windows removes access to keyboard/mouse when you minimize the rdp connection and removes access to screen and keyboard/mouse when you disconnect.
The solution is to use something that can keep the rdp session alive, for OpenRPA that is HD Robots.

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