Selector weird behaviour

@allen This is a PoC I am doing for a client. He would buy the OpenRPA only if PoC works. I have resolved all other problems but this one seems to be a stubborn one. Please advise

I created a selector and tested it. It worked initially and then stopped. Attached video shows I am selecting a particular selector that OpenRPA shows to be correct and highlight works.
Few minutes ago I recorded a video of same element. I am selecting and right after creating selector, It is not highlighting and giving error.
This is happening continuously with me. Same selector would work for few iterations and then stop working.
Has anyone else seen this issue or know solution to it?
See loom recording for reference

@Allan_Zimmermann @kowts can you please provide any assistance

you need to “clean” the selector of unqiue id’s that change between tries/restarts
Copy the selector that was working, once it breaks, re-create the selector
then compare the two selectors fix what ever is different ( using wildcards or removing the id’s depending on what makes sense )

Thank you Allen, I applied steps after watching your video
Here I had another issue that I was able to solve with some extra delay and retries.

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