Selector Pane [How to Add delay while selecting element]

We click on “select” and click our desired element to get its selector. But when we need to select an item from combo box or drop down list, it cause an issue.
Is there any hack or delay option like UiPath’s explorer to add a delay while we manually open our drop down list and then select element?

for example below combo box from a desktop app
Upon first click it would fetch the selector of this button but then I need another selector from options.
Assign activity is not working in this scenario.

I have found a workaround and was able to get its selector. Just curious if there is a method to add delay. like in UiPath we can press f2

I am having same issue multiple time while developing an automation @Allan_Zimmermann Can you please help us over here.Thank you

Yes, I will see if i can get around to see why F2 is not working any more.
Maybe this weekend, or next week.

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Thank you @Allan_Zimmermann

Hi @sajid.masood

what is your workarioound please.

I did in steps:
1: Click Open selector
2: Select a parent or child element or any element near your desired element
3: Click on sync tree
4: Selector for all available elements will appear in left pane, find your desired element

Yes it will not work for all cases if the element get disappears if it is not active(many elements disappears if we click somewhere else on widow except element it self)

In my case, It was a combobox(drop down) and it was disappearing when i was trying to get selector. Sync tree fetched all children of combo box.

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