Saving Workflow Issue

I am having an issue with saving workflows. I am doing my changes on my workflow but when I save it and close it my changes disappear or only some of them appears in my workflow. Does anyone has an same issue? Please notice that my robots are in offline mode.

Here is an example for my issue.

I don’t really see the issue in the video … could you clarify a little more ?
Also, you sequence’s are waaaayyyy to big … you should really split up the workflow to a lot of smaller workflows and call the using Invoke OpenRPA or create a Flow Diagram and use small sequences inside that. That will make the UI render faster and make it easier to understand and troubleshoot.
Lastly, there is a chance the .db file is corrupt … so make sure to often backup ( take a copy ) of the .db file if you are working in offline mode ( check if your getting db errors in the log tab ) in that case you need to delete the file and let OpenRPA create a new one or grab one of your old copies and put in “my documents”
( I’m working on a new version of OpenRPA that stop’s using LiteDB … it has been giving me so many issues, so I will probably go back to caching files directly on the disk again )

Hello Allan.

Thank you for your advise. I will re design my sequences. On the video in minute 1:00 you can see I’m adding a writeline to my sequence but the save button doesn’t get active. So I can’t save my workflow. Even if I press play the workflow doesn’t get save.

That does indeed look like a bug.
If you could share the workflow so i can reproduce this on my dev machine, i could have a look.
But without know exactly what the issue is, i would still recommend you split up the workflow, and i think that would also fix the issue.