Save as window hangs flow

Hello! I’m having some difficulty with automating a response with a Save As window. When I run my flow it works without issue until it opens the Save As window. After that is just hangs until I stop the flow or until I close the window, at which point it continues to run without any issues. I have the extension installed in Chrome and I’m using the Get Element.Windows to try and make the flow work. Any advice?

Here’s how the flow is set up when I run into Issues:

See if this helps

Or this

Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately neither of these suggestions helped with my issue. They did eventually lead me to the correct solution and I wanted to share in case anyone has run into anything similar in their work. As a result of a new Google Chrome feature all tabs and windows include their memory usage at the bottom of the window/tab description. This was causing me no small amount of grief since the flows were looking for windows and tabs with the exact memory usage when I originally defined them as elements in the first place. Thankfully this new feature can be disabled in chrome://flags/ and I’ve had no trouble with any windows or tabs since doing so. Not sure if this will be helpful to anyone but wanted to share just in case.

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Omg, i mis read you post as upload.
Download is much easier.
There is a “wait for download” activity.
This will tell chrome to let openrpa handle downloads, so INSIDE wait for download you add the click that triggers the download.
After “wait for download” you can get the filename from the event and work with the file.

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