SAP Login error

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

I follow your video on YouTube about “Get a good start with SAP in OpenRPA” and I was able to login to SAP with success but after 1secound the process failed and display this error in output.

# Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I’m passing the congis via variables, the only one I don’t know is “System Name”.

Can you help me!

put a breakpoint ( F9 ) to see what the variables content is, and witch one is null ( nothing )

Thanks for the suggestion @Allan_Zimmermann.

However, I have already checked and confirmed that none of my variables are null. I’m still experiencing issues do you have other suggestions or ideas for debugging.

The only field I left blank without variable is the field “System Name” and what is it for?

Login to sap, click record and click anything in sap … then you can see the system name on the recorded action … this needs to be used on the login activity also …it’s how openrpa knows if login is needed or not

Thanks again @Allan_Zimmermann. Login works perfectly now.

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