SAP click issue

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann i need to click stock placement .if i use click on Sap . its is not working. i can highlight that. any reasons

clould not take number in table could you please help @Allan_Zimmermann


If you are using “get element” then change to using sap gui scripting instead ( under settings → recorder → sap disable using get element while recording to record doing this using raw sap gui scripting commands )
Table extraction is not working reliable using get element. I have asked at least 5 people for help finding a table in a standard sap installation and NOONE has been able to help me find one.
And now i no longer has access to sap so cannot “fix it” but again, you can extract all using sap gui scriting activities, it’s just a little harder doing the loop’ing your self.

@Allan_Zimmermann we could not able to fix that SAP Table data issue. could you please help me on that. or walk through how to resolve the issue to take the table data in SAP.

we also purchased the openRPA support under (

Hey, as already pointed out, there is no Get DataTable function for SAP right now, since I don’t have access to SAP. I cannot create an example for you on how to do this using SAP GUI activities either, as I don’t have access to SAP.
But if you book a meeting, and share access to a robot with access to SAP using anydesk, I will be happy to try and see if we can make an example.

Keep in mind, since there will be an overhead of going though the SAP bridge for every single cell we will be reading this will not perform very well with large amount of data.

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