Run workflows parallel


I have installed openRPA and running openflow on localhost(installed using npm), but I need to run multiple workflows in parallel. How do I achieve this ?

Thank you

IF you have windows server than you can install bots in windows server and setup High density bots


Thank you for response!

Is there any YT video @Allan_Zimmermann has made for reference ?

Also, I’m invoking those workflows from node red

Check this YT video about how to “Install OpenRPA High Density robots”


I tried following steps from the video but when I’m executing ‘openrpa.username’ on cmd for c++ distribution, it is showing error “not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

what could be wrong here, could you please help ?

openrpa.rdservice not openrpa.username


It is giving same error

Then the openrpa folder is missing from path or you did not install the hd service while installing openrpa

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