Run Plugins In setting tab

I am using open Designer i want to know what is used of Run Plugin and how it works

OpenRPA has a extension (plugin) system with multiple different types of extensions

  • Recorder extension’s ( like Windows, Java, SAP, NM, etc )
    These are used when ever you click the record button, and allows each extension to “claim” a click and add it’s own Get Element of that type.
  • Run Plugins ( like AVI recorder )
    These are used to react on events inside OpenRPA. Like when ever a workflow starts, fails or completes.
  • Detector Extensions ( also part of some of the recorder extensions )
    This allows an extension to offer custom events to the robot. This is used as hooks in NodeRED or with the “Detector” activity. An example of a detector could be one that waits for the user to press a key combination or the user clicking on a specific element, or a detector that triggers when files on the disk changes.
  • Snippet Extensions ( also part of some of the recorder extensions )
    These are used to add snippets of XAML to the toolbox ( snippets tab ) with examples on how to use that extension … This never became a hit, so isnt used much any more

I think there is 1 or two more, but cannot remember what they are right now
Some of the above is also explained on the wiki

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