Robots in nodered status unknown

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann i have scheduled a process in nodered but sometimes the workflow robot status remain unknown and don´t continue the flow. When i see the log in the openrpa application it only appears that the instance was created but don´t start the workflow in openrpa and the workflow node keeps with unknown status till i restart the flow, does not alarm error or timeout.

Log in OpenRPA
[13:34:12.085][Information] [1897521de52d8897] Create instance of Login Agro TN
[13:34:12.074][Output] Broadcast Energia Móvel Logoff completed in 00:01.722

The image of the node is attached
node error

That is a know problem with version 1.4.55 that is still in beta. Downgrading to 1.4.54 should fix that

I have been trying different ways to reproduce this without any luck :frowning:
I though the error was in this function that maybe it was deleting a workflow right before it was suppose to send the started/completed/failed message, but that does not seem likely now that i have looked more into it.
So I really have n idea what it could be ( but i KNOW it is an issue, i have seen it happened live inside a nodered ) but i need a way to reproduce it in my development environment.
Do you think you could create a openrpa and nodered workflow that demonstrates this issue ?
This nodered workflow can run for 30 minutes without any issues on my setup.

This is not very standard, before with the same worflows it did not happen and now it occurs in flows that only contain 3 nodes, but this is the nodered flow that has caused the problem:
i shared it in a json just to be possible to send
nodered.json (100.2 KB)

That flow is not really useful for me
I asked if you have a way that i can reproduce the issue.
I have already tried, and I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
I know there is an issue, i have one other person with the same problem, but noone has been able to reproduce it relieable.

It is not your job, to do that, but I have no way of fixing it, if i cannot reproduce it, so if you don’t know how that can be done, we can just wait til some else else find a way to do that.

i have no idea of how i can reproduce it to you, it don´t have any aparrently reason to happen, there´s no loop, and don´t have a pattern of what node will happen. How can i reproduce it to you?

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