Robot timeout in REST request

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann

I set up a robot with High Density and send 2 REST requests to it. The idea is that the 2nd REST request returns a timeout if the robot is busy and has not started within 3 seconds. I tried to pass the msg.expiration parameter to the robot, but it didn’t help

How can I implement my idea?

rabbitmq oly respects timeout sometimes ( i think it’s “who ever is first” win’s type of thing )
so try restarting rabbitmq, and make sure the first message to go to the robot is from your rest endpoint

It did not help :frowning:
I restart the container “rabbitmq” in docker. The parameter was transferred to the robot, which can be seen in the debug window. At the same time, the second request is endlessly executed with the inscription “Sending reguest …”

Turns you, you found a bug …
When refactoring nodered for openflow 1.5 i “forgot” to add expiration

Unfortunately fixing that requires updating the core protocol, so had to make quite a lot of updates to the entire stack, to fix this, so this has been moved to 1.5.1, so i get more time to properly test this.
The latest nodered image, has been “patched”, and i have pushed an openflow image with tag :1.5.1
So make update your docker compose file to use openiap/openflow:1.5.1 then run docker compose pull, then docker compose up -d
and then stop/start your nodered agent to force updating to latest image

Thanks a lot. I updated the files in docker, but I can check after solving another absurd problem. If you can help me with it, I will be extremely grateful.

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Timeout began to work and is 1 minute. Unfortunately, I was unable to configure it using a parameter, but this value is suitable for my requirements.

Thanks again!

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