Robot node is going to yellow color in nodered for a long time

hello @Allan_Zimmermann this is continue for my previous question. i am not running any workflow at that time when i am having schedule.
can we have any fix for this robot is consuming the queue but is not accepting the message

Link:Robot node pending with yellow color in nodered

If you can create and share a simple nodered workflow that calls a simple OpenRPA workflow, that demonstrates the issue on my end, then I would be happy to look into it.

hello @Allan_Zimmermann please find the sample nodered flow

“id”: “0e70f66cb06a1c06”,
“type”: “debug”,
“z”: “65640cc8b6fe7fcf”,
“name”: “”,
“active”: true,
“tosidebar”: true,
“console”: true,
“tostatus”: false,
“complete”: “true”,
“targetType”: “full”,
“statusVal”: “”,
“statusType”: “auto”,
“x”: 1000,
“y”: 300,
“wires”: []

No it is not, it’s a debug node.
Please create, and test a working pair of openrpa workflow and nodered workflow that demonstrates the issue.

ok i got it but can you suggest me any possible way that robot should consume the queue and accept the message everytime.

I already explained the process in the last post.
Either your robot is bussy runninga different workflow, or rabbitmq has “zoombie” consumer on the queue for the robot. Then simply restart rabbitmq and see if that fixes the problem

tried by restarting the rabbitmq still issue not fixed is there any other workaround.

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