Reverting OpenRPA Change In OpenFlow


According to this article, I should be able to revert a change to an RPA workflow by clicking this history icon next to the item. When I look at the “Robot Workflows” pane inside of open flow, there doesn’t seem to be a history icon. I can either download or run the flow. Do you know if this is still available?



OpenFlow keeps track of the history of all objects ( unless the collection is excluded, by default that is audit,oauthtokens,openrpa_instances,workflow_instances,workitems,mailhist )
Most of the time, we can use that history to restore the object to it’s former version ( but there is no guarantee for this, and especially for openrpa workflows with alot of xml that can often be an issue. )
If you go to “Entities” in the menu, and select “openrpa” collection in the dropdown list, you should be able to search for the workflow you are interrested in, and then click the first button.
this will show you a list of all the versions of the object
for each version you can

  • compare the object with current version on first button
  • you can see what was changed at that specific time on the second button
  • you can overwrite current version with this version on 3rd button ( do NOT USE THAT )
  • you can download a reconstructed version on the 4th button
  • and for openrpa workflows only there will be a 5th button to download the XAML as a file

click the 5th button, and then go to OpenRPA and import this file. If this works, then you can also click the 3rd button to restore the object, or you can simply continue to use the new version you downloaded

If you have deleted the object, you can click the “undelete” button
and then select the object you are interested in by clicking
and you will get the same list as explained above, detailing all updates to the object

Thank you Allan. That was the answer I needed. Have a great day.

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