Reply All Outlook Module - Name Error

When I use the reply all module if the mail addresses doesn’t come and the CC info came with only the names I can’t make an reply all. What can I do to reply all with the cc’s involved if the mail addresses doesn’t come only the names come ?

I’m not 100% sure i understood you correctly.
But sounds like if you select an email and click reply or use the corresponding action in openflow, the email address is missing ?
It’s been a few years since i last worked as an system administrator, but back then i would see that if migrating mailboxes from one exchange installation to another and x500 name had not been added to all users in the new activity directory … Or if address book generation had failed for one or more offline address books. Either way, non of that is related to OpenRPA is beyond what i can support here.
If i misunderstood, then please try and give more information on how I can reproduce this on my machine.

Hello Allan, Actually I was trying to say that when I receive a mail the cc information is coming the what below as an example;

CC; Allan Zimmerman

so when I try to reply all my module can’t add cc because on the cc list it has to be When it comes the way in my example with only name in it. It can’t reply it because my robot can’t find a mail.

And if you click reply in outlook your self, can it then find the email ?
And if yes, did you need to press Ctrl+M ( i think that is the shortcut key ?) to resolve the name in your address book ? ( or was there a delay while it was trying to looking the name ? )

Hello Allan, When I do it myself from the outlook it automatically comes with name but in the background it has mail address. I didn’t do anything to resolve it. There is no delay in it.

I think when openRPA finds the mail with name only it automatically writes the way it founds it.

He’s my problem.
In my code i ask outlook for a list of emails ( could be using the Get Emails activity ) the object i get back get’s wrapped in a simple C# class that maps each activex property and command to an .net property and command.
So when you use “Reply MailItem” you give it the mail item wrapper, and then that will call’s outlooks own “reply” “replyall” or “forward” function. I’m not the one looking up the email/user, outlook is …
So unless you overriden the “cc” or “to” property on “Reply MailItem” this is an error in outlook not openrpa. If you DID add something in the “to” or “cc” property, you need to make sure you add the email and not the name ( or both )