Regarding the bot running status

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,
can we have the API to know the bot status from the nodered? Is there anyway to know about the bot is still running or not? can we send the process owner a email about bot status.

There is currently no api to ask the robot what it’s doing.
But you can see if there is any running workflows in the openrpa_instances collection.
You can kill all running workflows from nodered
You can tell the robot to kill any running workflows before starting a new workflow

agents are not the same as openrpa ( but you can do rpa from them too ). With agents you can do this, you can list all running instances, you can “attach” to any running instance and stream the output, you can kill any running instance. You can start any package you want with a custom payload.
And agents can run inside docker/kubernetes, as a deamon/windows service (on linux, macos and windows ) or run in a users desktop (on linux, macos and windows )

Thank you , it helps a lot

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