Regarding permissions, isagent and ocrlanguage


I’d like to ask a few question.

The first one is regarding the agent mode of OpenRPA. After some research, I found that it is enabled either via changing the “isagent” option in settings.json to true or by creating a registry key in windows. My question is if there is another way, such that it isnt possible for the user to change from true to false, so we could install into our employees computers.

The second one, still regarding the agent mode, is that from the client execution, it was possible to move workflows between projects, even the role being set to only read and invoke the workflows. The change wasn’t updated to the server side of the operation, only on the client side.


The third, and final, question is about the ocrlanguage. I would like to know which languges are supported, besides eng.

Thanks in advance.

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