Regarding OpenRPA

Point 1.Firstly I have installed the OpenRPA but it is not running .Even it does not showing any error how can I resolve it.please help to open it.(VM)

Point2.Selector sometimes not working also I have used send key at the place of Selector but that also not worked so please tell the way how can use the selector.

Point 3.In local I am unable to use OpenRPA as it ask for login credentials after entering the mail id I am getting error need to access by admin that type of so please help on this.If I am doing by pass to the openRPA in that case I am running the bot but while I am seeing the output the OpenRPA gets stopped or it gets hide from backend so ,in this case I need End the task and again need to start the BOT.

Point 1.Make sure you have installed .Net Framework installed in the VM
Point 2. For Stable automation here are some practice you should follow

  • Make sure screen resolution is same
  • Screen scale is set to 100%
  • Browser zoom level is to 100%
  • OpenRPA extension is installed on browser
  • Add enough delay to load elements
    Point 3. Not able to understand the issue

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