Reducing the plugin recording video size

After following the recommendations about installing the codecs at Install and select a different video codec in Start Recording activity, I am not able to reduce the video size. I have tried in different PCs and getting the same results.

These are the only options I can see, Should I see other options?
I really need the recording, any idea about how to achieve this?

Noone is really using this feature, hence it’s not being actively maintained and improved on. Original i had many ideas on feature (like only saving the last 5 minutes, combining videos streams, sending streams to OpenFlow for remote monitoring etc ) but there was no demand for it.
I have not testet or touched the code in several years, so I don’t know why you have having issues with mpeg. I will extend the 7 day close on this topic, and see if i can find some time to give this a look later, but it will not be until the weekend.

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Hi Allan,
We are using the videos for logging/monitoring the payment automations. The issue is that the videos are too big, 40s could easily hit 500mb, I have tried all setting combinations together with the codecs you shared without any success yet in reducing the video’s size.

Any idea about what work around can I take to achieve this?

Thank you so much.

can you try this may be this can help you Install and select a different video codec in Start Recording activity - #3 by Allan_Zimmermann


Hi, @Evelio87 . This not responses your question, but meaby helps…
If the problem is your disk space you can preserve only the most important recordings based on some rule, for example you can invoke the next code on c# for preserve the 10 most recently recordings (and delete the oldest):

string videoFolder = @“C:\yourpath”;
int max = 10;

// get list of files
string files = Directory.GetFiles(videoFolder);

// sort by date
Array.Sort(files, (a, b) => File.GetCreationTime(a).ToUniversalTime().CompareTo(File.GetCreationTime(b).ToUniversalTime()));

if (files.Length > max)


Thanks so much @Mateo_Corigliano for your advise, yes it is not my current issue, but I definitely can use your approach together with some retention policy to avoid disk space issues.

Thanks so much @yashshah yes, I already tried to install those codecs, I tested in 3 different PCs without success, maybe I am missing something. Have you tried the codecs? they worked for you?

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