Recording the workflow execution in a video

I would like to record the execution of the workflow and save it locally to be used as a logging/debugging mechanism.

Can it be done in OpenRPA?


Yes, install the optional avi record extionsion using openrpa.msi

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Thank you so much, I’ll try it.


I am trying to record the screen and set a name for it and I can’t make it works. When I type an string expression as the file video name I am getting a compilation error. Also when I type a variable expression always create a video with a default name (Eg: Process Workitem2023-08-02-17-16-10.avi).

Any idea about what is happening? Thanks

I detected what my mistake was, the filename property is of type OutArgument, so it assign the full path of the created video file to that variable expression typed there.

I need to use specific name for the video. I think I can use Invoke code activity to change the file name, or there are any other better way to do it?


Yes, with invoke code you can call
( help )

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Thanks Allan.

The best for you and this awesome framework! :muscle:

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