Read data from Config file (Similar to UiPath)

Is there a way where we can read data from a config file ?

What format is the config file in ? json, xaml, yaml, ini, text ?

Oh, I missed the “similar-to-uipath” part … sorry.
Yes and no … Right now you cannot add files to a project, so reading a file placed in a project is not an option at the moment. ( it’s definitely something on my to do list )
But you can save files or config objects in openflow. So you could easily query for a file with a specific name or an object with a specific name using the Query activity.
For instance, if you go to openflow, click Entities, click add/+ sign, set name to “my config” and then add as many properties and values as you want, the click save.

In OpenRPA drag in “Query” from under OpenFlowDB in QueryString put

"{'name': 'my config'}"

in DataTable type “dt” and press Ctrl+K to create a DataTable variable with the name dt
Now you can access each property using


I know it’s not the same, but would this fit your needs ?

But suppose if i’m using only OpenRPA , I may have to use read range activity and save that into a datatable rite ?

Then you could use a json file and Read JSON activity, or use an local excel or comma separated file and use Read Csv/Read Excel or Read Range, yes