Question Regarding unattended automation

I was reading " Highlights of version 1.5" by @Allan_Zimmermann , He talked about parting ways with NodeRed.
I am curious if I can still achieve unattended automation with version 1.4.
P.S: I have to work on a POC and my client (Starting with 01 web automation) is willing to buy Basic OpenIAP subscription.

I want to clarify that Iā€™m not moving away from Node-RED, as it is an excellent and powerful tool for automation. However, with 1.5 we also supports other workflow engines ( like elsa, n8n, ) and running pure code, such as Python, Node.js, JavaScript, and .NET. ( getting started guide )

You can achieve unattended automation with any version of OpenFlow, including version 1.4. Moving forward, OpenFlow version 1.5 and beyond will offer even more options and features for unattended automation, like running agents as deamon or assisted using the assistent. Therefore, you can still use Node-RED for your POC and leverage OpenIAP to take your automation to the next level on both versions.

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