Push Work Items Directly To RabbitMQ


I have created an OpenRPA process that runs every time an item is pushed to a work item queue The data that feeds this comes from a non-RPA solution and I would like to be able to push work items automatically from there.

I know openflow uses RabbitMQ, but I’m having trouble finding the instance information. Is it possible for me to push work items into a queue from outside of nodered/openflow/openrpa?

The whole point of openiap is to add permissions and security around the database and the message queue, so talking directly to it, is not supported ( but of course it’s possible )
Why not use the SDK or the openapi endpoint or use a robot or expose a rest endpoint from NodeRED to do it ?

Hi Allan,

Thank you for the quick reply. This makes sense and exposing a Rest endpoint for our use case could work and is a great idea. I see you’ve got some documentation on doing this, so I should be able to set that up.

Have a wonderful day!

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