Problems of parallel development in OpenRPA

Hi everyone

Recently, my team began to actively work on projects on OpenRPA. We are faced with a problem that it is quite difficult to conduct parallel development in OpenRPA. If 2 developers change the same process in parallel, then all changes need to be merged manually, which is time-consuming, inconvenient and risky, since you can easily miss some change.

I know that OpenRPA doesn’t support Git, and I don’t even hope for it to appear soon. I tried to come up with something of my own: use Git with uploaded files, recording change log (which is also difficult, since steps in processes do not have any identifiers, except for the step name, which is not very suitable). But no matter what I came up with, everything turned out to be either unviable or very inconvenient.

In general, it would be great if someone could share their experience of joint development in OpenRPA: some version control services, possibly development regulations, algorithms for actions during joint development, etc. Anything that will help me improve our workflow even a little will do.

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If you upgrade to the latest :edge version of openflow, it has a git server builtin
Maybe the work @AndrewK suggest could invole also writing a git provider

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If you can join the next meetup, we could talk about this ?

Sorry I haven’t checked for so long. I was on vacation

I would be happy to join, but the language barrier will prevent me from doing so. My level of English is extremely low: I can only understand it a little when reading. I can’t speak English at all

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