Problematic Robot Scheduling in Node-RED

Hello again!

I have an issue with robot scheduling in node-red.

So, I try to run a robot from Node-RED using the “inject” node and giving this parameters:

The problem is: the robot doesn’t start at the specified time.

I wanna test the scheduling part so i write the time with 2-3 mins ahead than current time. For example: current time is 16:39, i write in “inject” 16:42 and waiting for robot to start. Boom! It doesn’t.

With “interval” parameter it works, like run every 5 seconds or something, but with parameter “at a specific time” - no.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advice!

Just checked in and it works, but you need to provide GMT times, not your local ones.
For reference, right now it’s 15:15 GMT.

You can change timezone on agent page. If not it will default to GMT as @AndrewK also wrote.

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