Problem Invoke OpenRPA Mapping Variables

Hey everyone, I have a problem with Invoke OpenRPA where the variables created in Map Variables simply disappear, but only on the Invoke Local OpenRPA object since on Invoke Code and Invoke OpenFlow mapping variables works.

The basic gist is I insert the object, select which workflow I want to use from the combo and then click Map Variables which opens the table where you can insert new variables like the mentioned above, I can create as many variables I want but regardless of whichever way I do (1. Just typing a variable to be used in the robot I want to invoke while leaving the assigned value empty or 2. Typing the variable for the robot while assigning a variable already declared on the current workflow) the moment I close the table window the variables disappear as I can see when I reopen the table window. When I make an assignation error like the assigned variable doesn’t exists I get the exclamation mark as it detects an error but the moment I open the window the table is empty.

The system I´ve been running on are Windows 11 pro and Windows 10 pro for the Latest Stable release and beta release as of Sept 2023 respectively for each of OpenRPA.

Invokeopenrpa will update the list of arguments automaticly based on the selected workflow’s arguments.
So if you add some ekstra variables, they will get removed then next time you open the mapper.
Is this what you are refering too? If not, could you give some more details or a few screenshots?

Thank you for the reply Mr Zimmermann

Basically it´s this:

  1. In the invoke RPA object on the Map Variables button where you configure the variables


  1. I can configure whatever I want and how many variables I want, I can even create a variable type int and set a string to get an error or vice-versa and I get the red exclamation mark sign of error



I click accept and can even see the error in the Invoke RPA object


  1. But even if I create an empty or valid variable assignation, the moment I open the Map Variables table again it’s just empty


It seems like a freak accident, something really unique but I’m hoping there’s something I can do or am missing

Thanks for taking the time regardless

Sorry for replying like that but it was due to the media reply limit and just wanted to make it clear

Well, i just explained exactly that, and why that is happening.
If you want more arguments for a workflow, you must add them to the workflow first.

Can you help identifying what I do wrong?

I have a workflow with a variableToPrint variable, this is the workflow that will be called.

Then I have a workflow that sends the variable to print, the one with the table for mapping variables, using the same name of the variable being called but when I close it and open it, it disappears.

On the Invoke RPA object there is an arguments attributes that is basically the same as mapping variables table but the same happens even if I set it there.


Hi maybe its the same as here.

You have to declare “variabletoPrint” in the TargetWF in Arguments only. Not in Variables.


Thanks for the response, I got an improvement since now the variable doesn’t disappears from the arguments property in the WF that calls the other WF, but how did you prevented the variable is undefined error?

When I run it I get the variable is undefined or unaccesible error

You have to define the “variabletoPrint” as Argument IN in the Argumenttab of the TargetWF.

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Thank you for your time and help!

Still I feel lost on the matter, not knowing what I’m doing wrong, recorded a video to see if it may help.


Hi in VT- Receive VariabletoPrint, u see at the bottom “Argumentos” ← there u have to define “variabletoprint” with direction In or In/Out.
in VT - Send to Print you have nothing to declare, neither in Variables nor in Argumentos. Then it should work.

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