How to map Variables to other Workflow

Hi, I already looked for the Forum and ChatGPT, but doesn’t found a solution.

My Problem is, that I try to Map Variables by Invoke OpenRPA, but the other Workflow doesn’t get the value of my Variable.

I defined the Variable “Projektnummer” at the invoked Workflow, and for debugging I set 0000000000 as the initial value. As you can see, the Variable of the invoked Workflow will not be updated.

Can somebody help? Here is a Screenshot of my Configuration.

You need to define the “In” or “In/Out” argument in the child workflow to write the variable value to it

Hi @Velinkton,
thx for your fast reply. Thats what i did but it doesn’t work. Here is the Configuration of the Argument in the ChildWF.

And here wit declaration as variable:

Do i have to define the Namespace for the orginworkflow?

You print to the console a variable with the same name as the argument into which you want to receive the value. At a minimum, it’s worth giving them different names so that OpenRPA can clearly identify what exactly you need to output to the console.

I also recommend displaying some phrase along with your number (for example, “Test -”). Then you will have 2 options for the development of events:

  1. “Test - [your number]” if the argument contains a value
  2. “Test -” if the argument does not contain a value

A common problem is, the argument is also added as an variable
In the TARGET workflow ( the one getting the argument Projektnummer )
select the writeline where you want to print the value, then click variales. Do you see Projektnummer in the list ? if so, that is your problem. You need to delete that.

Hi Allan,
ok, I added them to control the value. Now it works. Thanks a lot!

Yes, first i thought i have to define them as Variable too. But after deleting the Variable “Projektnummer” in the ChildWF it works. Thanks a lot!

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