Problem installing extension for Node-RED

I wanted to update the configuration in the yaml-file, but I made a serious mistake - I completely cleaned up unused docker resources without running my agents. This led to problems that I was able to partially resolve. I wanted to install the extension for Node-RED again, but I encountered an error. I’m not good at Docker, so I don’t really understand how this can be fixed

I looked through the forum for similar problems and found this topic where a person had the same error in the logs. Before the problem appeared, I lowered and raised containers to change the yaml-file. When I picked up the containers, an update downloaded for me.

In general, I think that I have the same problem as the guy from the topic

I have just pushed a new release of openflow and a new version of all agent and nodered images that should once and for all fix this…
( openflow nodeagent 0.0.90 nodered 1.5.2 )


Please confirm if it has been fixed? I cannot reproduce the error so was working in the blind

Yes, the problem is gone. Thank you for fixing it so quickly, this problem was critical for me.

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