Preview of OpenIAP flow 1.5

Here is a small preview of the new Agent system coming for OpenIAP Flow 1.5
I would love some feedback on this, is this something you would use ? Is there anything missing before you could see this as being usefull for you ? Let me know below :slight_smile:


looks great! when release

Thank you. I expect to release it op today or tomorrow, I’m already running it for production on a few select customers but have only tested on kubernetes, there seem to be a few issues on docker that I need to work out before i completely release it.
It’s published with the :edge on docker hub, so you are more than welcome to try it out and give feedback

Thank you for sharing this preview @Allan_Zimmermann!
It looks interesting, and a fantastic addition to the platform, and I’m really looking forward to test it.
From what I can see in this preview, it seems like it has the potential to make my work even more efficient and effective.
I’ll be sure to share my feedback once I’ve had the chance to use it. Keep up the great work! :smiley:

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