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I want to ask how to make a popup notification in node-red to popup it on OpenFlow site?
I already watched few vids about notification node for dashboard, but i think this is not that i need. And if it’s about notification for dashboard, then how to popup it? for me it doesn’t popups, maybe i have some issues with msg.topic.

Here down below is a screenshot of my flow:

from switch i check if start time is null, empty or otherwise (otherwise it goes where it should go). The is null and is empty outputs are connected to a function where i assign to current msg.topic a new string value, a message like “start time is empty” then return msg. Then msg.topic is writen in “Topic” field.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

popup is not a standard node red node. You must have installed some module that adds that. I tried searching a little for one that looks like it, but cannot find a module that has a node called popup notification that has an email icon.
Either way, that will allow sending popups in openflow.
There is no way to send a popup to the openflow webinterface right now.

I have on and off over the last year been working on a new version of the web interface for openflow and in hat i added support for push notifications.
GitHub - openiap/vue3-web-template ( you can use that already if you want a custom frontend ). Openflow can function as an push notification server for any platform that supports that, and using standard web push nodes in Node-RED you can then send notification for specific users
But somehow i don’t think that is what you mean ?
Maybe you could share a little more about what you intentions are and i will see if there is something that could help with that ?

Here is a part of my work. The client opens a Form Workflow on OpenFlow and inputs Start Time and End Time. The switch node has three states (is null, is empty and otherwise), both of null and empty are connected with Workflow out node to stay idle if they are empty. Also they are connected to a change node (few hours ago there was Function node, but in case i experiment with node-red, research some ways to make my program, i change it) that changes msg.payload to a string with “Start Time is missing!”. Then it connects to a Show Notification node so the message should popup. But how I understand, dashboard nodes are just for Node-RED Dashboard local site. I’d be pleased with some Windows notifications that popups from bottom right (like when it’s time to update windows or something like that). In final, when node-red sees that Start Time is empty, there should appear a notification. Something like this :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advice!

PS: for more clarify down below are some screenshots of nodes config:

Switch Node

Change Node

Show Notification Node

I am a new user, so i can’t post all the screens in one message, sorry about that

There is no “popup” function in the openflow web interface right now.
Maybe there will come at some point, when I’m done with the vue3 interface, but not right now.

If the goal is to send a notification to a user about a long running workflow is done, you could use email or text messages, or send a message to slack etc.

If the goal is to “hide” then form inside openflow while working and then showing something when done you can use the “Processing” state in the workflow out node.
You can send this when you start a workflow ( like calling a robot ) and then change it to “idle” / “complete” or “failed” once you are done.

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