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The choice of the addon for Edge in the “Settings” menu direct me to the Chrome WebStore Page
openrpa - Chrome Web Store (

Is that correct? Is the openRPA addOn also in MS Store? I did not find it.

The interesting effect I got when I choose Chrome (which I have not on my box) addOn button. The Designer simply committed the suicide and disappeared from screen, task bar and Task Manager.

Is that expected?

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Edge is just chromium with a “microsoft skin” ( it is a bit more, but for this dialog it does not matter ) so it uses the same extensions as chrome/chromium.
There there is no point in dealing with microsoft store as well. So yes, when you install for edge you are still sent to the main chromium store.

Edge ,chrome and chromium are using same browser engine called V8 because of that both browser supports same extension.

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Thank you for the interest and answers.

The problem seems to be rather formal.
I am allowed to install approved addons from approved sources.
I know technologies, but my security guys have different point of view… :wink:

If Edge is so close to the Chrome, all the more interesting is a fact, that choice of the Chrome (which I have not at station) addon button just killed Designer.


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Click the edge button and install from the chrom(ium) store.
Its a bug, it crashes if it cannot find thebrowsers exe for the browser icon you clicked. I will get that fixed in next release.

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