OpenRPA Version Issues


My colleague and I are using two different versions of OpenRPA (Versions 1.3 and 1.4 Respectively) and I am noticing that the UI elements that the OpenRPA selector is viewing is different depending on what version you have.

My question is was there a change to how to the selector works during these version change and is there any backwards compatibility because I am using one of the robots made on version 1.3 which isn’t working because of the change in the selectors.

I would appreciate the help.


Newer version of OpenRPA is backward compatible.
For obvious reasons, older versions of OpenRPA cannot be forward compatible ( that would mean we never could add new features and options )
So if you create/update workflows in 1.3 those should work in 1.4 … if you make or update a workflows in 1.4, there is a high chance they will not work in 1.3
One of the major changes in 1.4 is support for short selectors ( not adding the entire UI tree in the selector, but only the window and then searching all descendants in the window )

Thank you this was very helpful.