Openrpa symbol clarification

hello @Allan_Zimmermann can i know what is the symbol meaning of Yellow warning
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The log window will also tell you this.
It means one of two things ( see the log doing openrpa startup to know which )
OpenFlow has an older version of the workflow but you local version is dirty ( it was updated but not saved to openflow ) therefor openrpa refuses to save it and overwrite the server version unless you specefily tell it ( buy opening the workflow and clicking save or right click it and select downlaod server version to discard you local unsaved changes )
or, it means the workflow was delete in openflow while the robot was offline, but you have local changes that was not saved into openflow. Again, fixing this is to open it manually and save it, if you want to preserve it, or delete if you don’t need it anymore )

Normaly, if you have this issue and don’t care abuout local changes you can simply, close openrpa, delete the .db file and restart openrpa to downlaod som fresh data

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