OpenRPA requirement of installation

Hello, I recently start to work with OpenRPA and it works perfectly on my own Windows 10.

However, when I try to install OpenRPA on a remote 32-bit Windows 7 machine, I got an error message “This installation package is not supported by this processor type”, I presume that’s because that OpenRPA doesn’t not support 32-bit Windows.

So I tried to install OpenRPA on an 64-bit Windows 7 on VirtualBox to exam if that’s the issue. But the installer got an different error:

(sorry that’s Mandarin, but it still shows that’s a 64-bit Windows 7 SP1)

I did check the document, sorry if I miss anything but Requirements did not specify anythings about the OS or environment for installation. (and I did install 2015 C++ Redistibutable even it seems that’s not about the installation)

Also I saw that you do upload a video of Windows 7 support, so I think I definitely miss something.

What do I need or what did I miss to install OpenRPA on Windows 7?
thanks for any help or advise.

OpenRPA should work in both 32 and 64 bit, but I only support 64 bit and offer an installer only for 64 bit, so if you want 32 bit you need to compile it your self and fix the handful of issues there might pop up.
I have kept OpenRPA on 4.6.2 precisely to support windows 7 ( and i was really close to going for 4.7 or 4.8 a few weeks back but decided not to yet )
The thing that confuses me, is the error is from the msi installer and not OpenRPA. The installer should not have anything related to OS in it except the 64 bit check.
Just for fun, could you copy the files from a working machine ( like windows 10 or 11 if you have that ? Just need to copy everything from c:\program files\openrpa )


Thank you for the advise, I tried to copy whole folder from my windows 10 over and it works!

The only issue I encountered was that, when I ran the copied OpenRPA, it saids it need .NET 4.0 to run, and after I install it, another error said I need .NET 4.6.2 to run, so I install that too. And now I can run OpenRPA on that VM.

Once again thanks for your help!

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