OpenRPA.RDService custom RDP port settings

Good day to all,

We are using the unattended hdrobot rdp service and would like to add extra security measures for our rdp host by using a custom port than the standard 3389/3390.
Is there a way to change the rdp port in openrpa or hdrobot’s connectionhost in openflow?

Thank you!

If you are using freerdp, it’s hard coded right now.
But if you are using Microsoft RDP ( the default ) then you can. On every unattendedclient object add a property called connectionhost and set it to “” or what ever port you want to use.

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Hello Allan,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and help me out with the issue.
I have set the connectionhost property of the unattendedclient object see the image below.

and when I tried to enable the hdrobot.

Unfortunately, I still got an error on the rdservice.
Kindly see image below for the error log.

I am using OpenRPA 1.4.49 and OpenFlow 1.4.36.
Let me know if you need any more information.
Thank you once again for your help! I am truly grateful for the time and effort you put into assisting me with this issue.

Best Regards,

Hey, I was wrong, I had assumed the host was similar to what you type in the host field in the UI.
I have updated openrpa in a new version that SHOULD support custom port’s for both freerdp and mstsc.
( I don’t have any way to test it right nowm but I think I did it correctly )
I also added the option to set if for all users by setting connectionhost on the unattendedserver. any setting on unattendedclient will override the server setting.

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The update did the trick and solved my problem.
Thank you very much! More power to you and to the project!

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