OpenRPA, OpenFlow and NodeRED

Hi Allan,
I am new to OON stack. I have a few questions about OON stack landscape.
OpenRPA, OpenFlow and NodeRED are all open source.

We want to use this in our private network on cloud, in the following manner . Please confirm the correctness of my understanding -

OpenRPA - This is to be installed on every machine (each Terminal server). This will provide a bot on that machine

OpenFlow & NodeRED - This will be on cloud server and can be on single or separate machines.

MongoDB will be auto installed on server on which OpenFlow is installed.

Is there any cost involved for MongoDb.

Thanks in advance

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OpenRPA can be deployed on RDP servers to either allow assisted robotics to the users or to perform unattended automation using HD robots.
This is all free.

OpenFlow can be deployed using Docker (free) or Kubernetes/OpenShift (requires a premium license).
For Docker, this can be done on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

OpenFlow also supports agents (the next evolution of OpenRPA). These can be deployed and started inside Docker/Kubernetes from OpenFlow or be installed natively on the OS as a daemon on Linux, macOS, and Windows. They can also be deployed as desktop applications to end users on Linux, Windows, and macOS.
You can then centrally manage these agents and the code running on them from OpenFlow.
An examples of agent code, is code that hosts nodered to provider a more scalable, more secure and enterprise ready version of NodeRED
All of that is free as well.

By default both the docker compose files for Docker and helm chart for kubernetes, will deploy a mongodb replicaset with only one node. For production you should always considere adding at least 3 nodes and for data heavy instalation a mongodb shard. Most premium customers use MongoDB Atlas for this purpose

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