OpenRPA.MSSpeech Speak toollbox is not displayed

Welcome, @Allan_Zimmermann

I looked for the speak component in the toolbox (OpenRPA.MSSpeech), but I couldn’t find it. Where can I find the speak tool, and are there any installed libraries?

Kindly check the screen shot below:

you need to install it using openrpa.msi its an optional component i think i called it “ms speach”

Did you mention the below screenshot component?

Yes you need to use that component

Hi @yashshah,

I choose the microsoft speech option when I reinstalled, but this function required 0KB, and after installing the component, mspeech is not shown in the tool box.

you have not enabled it …the icon is still yellow

click it and choose to install

Thank you, @Allan_Zimmermann

finally installed this ms speech

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