OpenRPA in SAP and Desktop Applications


I’m curious about openRPA’s performance in executing basic tasks like data entry and clicking in SAP. Furthermore, I’m interested in how openRPA performs in any Desktop application. I’m eagerly awaiting your responses on these matters.

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In my practice, OpenRPA works very quickly, especially compared to PAID competitors. OpenRPA performs the same tasks in the browser (clicking buttons, filling out forms, navigating through pages, etc.) much faster. When working with archives, I even had to artificially slow down the process so that I would not get an error about the file being used by another application (7-zip did not have time to finish working with the file, as OpenRPA already wanted to delete the archive after unpacking it).

I can’t say anything about working at SAP, since I didn’t work with him.


Thank you for the kind words @Velinkton
But sap is a little different. I started on SAP due to a customer funding parts of the development and providing access to a SAP server.
Once they had what they needed they closed my access and payments. Since i no longer had access to a sap server, development stopped “kind of half way through”.
6 or 12 months later another customer founded the continued development and I had a chance to drastically improve performance on “sap” recording without get elements, but once that was done, once again, funding and access to sap closed down, and i never got to complete “get element” recording and finish table extraction.

This is why, SAP is in beta, it is not complete ( but anything you can do with Scripting Tracker you can do with openrpa as well )
One of the most common issue people have

  • They don’t know how to enable GUI scripting on the serer
  • They try to record logging in, they MUST use the login activity ( and getting the connection string correct can be a pain in b*t )
  • They have issues finding elements that there is no rpa software that can get access too. ( I normally say, if you can find it using Scripting Tracker then you should also be able to see it from openrpa, if nether can see it, you are out of luck, and need to use image recognition or in rare cases you can use windows automation as well )

I highly recommend you see the two videos on youtube about SAP and OpenRPA.


Thank you very much for your responses, @Allan_Zimmermann and @Velinkton :slight_smile:

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Hi @mehmetcan !

We use OpenRPA + SAP on a production environment and (like Allan said) after enabling GUI Scripting (asked the SAP service provider to do it for us) all went well!

We automated PO and SO (Purchase and Sale Orders) and all good!

BTW: our OpenRPA is on Windows 10 64 bits (running on VMWare), no problem with that either, EXCEPT that you need to tweak it a little bit so Windows won´t log out your session (we use UltraVNC for that).


Thanks for the information about the use of robots in the SAP application @rcairello :slight_smile:

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