OpenRPA Hanging/ Memory consumption issue


I have a query regarding our workflow. When we run the workflow in a looping condition, OpenRPA gets stuck after some time, and we need to kill the process and start again.

It seems to be a memory hanging issue when the process is running in a loop. Do you have any solutions for resolving this memory hanging issue?

Possible to share the code?

Did you leave the designer open ?
It’s been talked about multiple times here on the forum, when people have memory issues.
It’s normally down to one of these two cases

  • Leaving the designer op ( that will memory leak ). The designer will force the workflow to run in debug mode and will put a strain on resources too.
  • Sending way to much data between workfows when using Invoke OpenRPA.
    For instance, if you send a datarow for a datatable as a parameter, due to reference to the datatable, this will also send the entire datatable to the other workflow. This information is then stored both in RAM and in the OpenRPA instances in the database, and can lead to seriously big memory usage.

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