OpenRPA flow crashes time to time

Hi Allen,

I am trying to automate windows application.
My workflow is like below.
When I run the flow after opening the accounting application ( via activity open application)
it crashes time to time.
sometimes it works and sometimes it crash.
I didn’t find anything in my windows event log.
In OpenRPA logs I find below error.
Could you please help?

Thanks & Regards,
Pramodh Ramanayaka.

[13:23:35.920][Error] System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.
at OpenRPA.Windows.WindowsSelector.GetElementsWithuiSelectorItem(Int32 ident, AutomationBase automation, WindowsSelectorItem sel, UIElement parents, Int32 maxresults, Boolean LastItem, Boolean search_descendants)
at OpenRPA.Windows.WindowsSelector.GetElementsWithuiSelector(WindowsSelector selector, IElement fromElement, Int32 maxresults, WindowsCacheExtension ext)
at OpenRPA.Windows.Plugin.GetElementsWithSelector(Selector selector, IElement fromElement, Int32 maxresults)
at OpenRPA.Windows.Plugin.<>c__DisplayClass37_0.b__6()
[13:23:35.598][Output] ANAS BIN ADBUL RAHIM
[13:23:35.578][Output] ANAS BIN ABDUL RAHIM (Q106738)
[13:23:12.175][Information] New Workflow6 started in 00:00.000


To automate stuff in windows, we normally need to use the UIThread to automate it.
But if we “tough” an application that is not responding, this will also make openrpa non responseive.

So by default openrpa will use a seperate thread to find elements, and only if it finds it, it re-find it, from the uithread. If you go to settings → Recorder plugins → Windows
here you can toggle this option.
Do not disable this, it will not solve you problem, it will mosy likely only make OpenRPA unresponsive when it happens.


The error you see, is the background thread getting aborted since it did not find the element in time.
My best guess is your application in “hanging” / is not responding … And if that is the case, you need to fix that, it’s not an openrpa issue in that case

Hi Allen,

Thanks for the replay.
It was very helpful.
I Have already put this tick like below.

Do you have any recommendation to check or change in windows or openRPA
to find or fix this issue.

Thanks & Regards,

I am sorry if the message was not clear, with me rambling to much, i just wanted to explain why.

This error normally comes if the application you are trying to automate is “inresponsive” / hangs.
Please check if that is the case, and if it is, then you need to fix that.

Hi Allen,

Thank you very much.


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