OpenRPA does not seem to recognize the GoldSim player windows app

I am admittedly new to OpenRPA. My objective is to script a few hundred identical operations using GSPlayer.exe (GoldSim Player). However, I can’t even get started. I have tried several approaches.

  1. Recorder
    a. If I use the recorder to record something as simple as opening a file, it fails to locate the items.
    b. Oddly enough on a rare occasion it partially works.
    c. If I remove the "Name": “GoldSim Player - Untitled”, from the selector it will work until the GSPlayer.exe app is closed. Then with newly opened instances it no longer can find it.

  2. Manually building out the sequence
    a. Things as simple as Open Application do not see the application so OpenRPA opens it again
    b. If I make sure the application is closed, Open Application will open it, but then something as simple at Type Text is not received by the application.

When GSPlayer opens it has a “splash” screen of recently opens files. Typing any key or clicking outside the splash screen makes it go away, yet a sequence with Type Text completes successfully and the splash screen is still open (as if no keystroke was ever received). I also tried “Get Element” and “Click Element” to no avail.

I am running Windows 10 on an Azure hosted VM.

I can provide videos if they would be helpful.



You touch on an interesting topic.
Tomorrow I will create a small video explaining what i think is the issue and how to fix it. ( I just re installed so need to everything setup again )
( but while you wait, check if there are any “id”'s with number in the selector … normally those would be in “automationid” but i some time also see them in class or name … if so, then remove the number part and replace it with a star * )

A little late, but hope this still helps.

That was indeed helpful. I figured some of it out on my own, but not everything. I am now stuck on the File Exit sequence. I managed to open a file, make some changes, save the file, and when I go to exit it can’t find the exit menu item. Since this is only visible after selecting File and that disappears before I can select Highlight. I can’t test it visually. The selectors all look the same and each element has a reasonable timeout.

Are there best practices for debugging this process? I feel like I’m feeling around in the dark to understand what OpenRPA is seeing and looking for.

    "filename": "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\\GTG\\GoldSim Player 12.1\\GSPlayer.exe",
    "processname": "GSPlayer",
    "arguments": "",
    "Selector": "Windows",
    "search_descendants": "True",
    "mouse_over_search": "False"
    "Name": "GoldSim Player *",
    "ControlType": "Window",
    "FrameworkId": "Win32"
    "Name": "Exit",
    "ControlType": "MenuItem"

Only “Name”: “Exit”, differs from other working selectors.


Under settings you can enable debugging for selectors. That can some times help.
Anyway i will have a look tomorrow ( did i find the same app as you are using, in my video? )

That is the same app, perhaps a different version.

Man, that was annoying … It feels like a bug, but I cannot quite put my finger on what …
Anyway, here is a pretty weird work around, that will work

I first get the entire menu, I then loop over all menu items and then find the one with name Exit
Then it works … This should be exactly the same as simply searching for {“name” :“Exit”} so not sure why that is not the case here.

Close GoldSim.xaml (26.7 KB)

While you are engaged with this app. I have another bizarre situation. I have a script the opens GoldSim, Clicks File, then Open, then clicks the file name field and enters a value. This works all day, even if I reboot the device, but the next day it never works. I re-record that step and paste in the “standard” selector and it is working again. I currently have the not-working step commented out with the working one in place. I can share this file, but not in a public forum.