OpenRPA does not open

Hi Allan,

We installed OpenRPA in a different machine and it doesn’t open.

We should register in openflow even we are not connecting to this openflow? is there any way to skip that?


We are not sure, but in the other machine does not use the default path to located de OpenRPA folder, it seems the app opens when we create a copy of the folder in the expected location


No, if you dont want to use an openflow instance you can run offline

I dont understand the other question ?

During this installation we noticed that the settings file is not created until the application is opened and it seems the application is not open until you have register in the openflow setted by default.
Is there a way to skip that?

Dont login, just start openrpa and then close it

Ok, thanks! I’m going to try that

I’ve also experienced that the OpenRPA UI does not open on the very first start after installing it. So I close it in the task manager and then open it again. Then it starts. But since the fix was quick I never got around to report the behavior.


I had a similar problem with OpenRPA. I found that initializing OpenRPA for the first time with administrator rights allows it to start with no delays.

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