OpenRPA crashing after use get text

Hello Allan, i´m trying to use Get Text in an application following the steps of your youtube video tutoria, but everytime i try to run the workflow the open RPA crashs, i got the log of the error but i have no ideia what happened, if you could help me i appreciate it.
The log is attached

The most likely is a problem with the image.
Try re-grabbing the image and make sure it is a little bigger or smaller.

It did not work. If i delete the get text and run the workflow it works but with the get text always shows the error in Emgu.VC.OCR.ocrInvoke and crash

I did not create openvc, so cannot help more than that.
Normally changing the size of the image you are working with, helps. If that does not help, then you can try asking on the github issue’s page if someone has an idea

I searched about the error and what i discovered is that apparently the problem is that EMGU is not configured properly in the aplication, it tries to run the 32 bits default configuration and my computer is a 64 bits
Do you know if i can configure the Open RPA to run EMGU 64 bits configurations?

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